The Land Between

I’m back in Costa Rica, with the Latimer Crew!

And Baby Finnley is here!

11828692_10154178911424816_2541310683407684912_n 11889539_10154178911359816_8739893609472549903_n

I’ve been here for two weeks, and so much has already happened!

Learning how to pay water bills.
Having great friends that let 6 of us come over to shower (because our water bill wasn’t paid).
Lots of cooking, and lots of dishes to wash.
Hearing stories about dinosaurs and robo-dinos and video games I’ve never heard of.
Reading books about Roman soldiers and wars.
Random dance parties that include the Whip, the Banana Song, and #1 requested: The Chicken Dance.
Soccer and basketball and skateboarding.
The Amazing Spiderman and Spy Kids have taken over my Netflix.
Learning how to use cloth diapers, and everything else that needs to be learned with a newborn baby (Sidenote: Definitely more than I’ve ever wanted to know. Thanks, Ashlee. I won’t be having children anytime soon.)
IMG_6404 IMG_6431
Every day comes with new adventures and experiences. What a blessing it is to be a part of this family!

I heard a sermon a while back that paints a picture for what life sort of feels like right now. The Land Between, Jeff Manion talks about those “For now…” moments of life. Talking about when the Israelites have left Egypt. They’ve left slavery, but haven’t entered the promised land quite yet. The Lord doesn’t take them directly there, he takes them through the wilderness first. This time was intended to transform them from people of slavery to people of God. The Land Between is a place we all have to go through at some point. (No matter where you are in life, I highly recommend you take 40 minutes off social media and watch the sermon here!) Here are just a few points:

“The Land Between is fertile ground for complaint and emotional meltdown.” It’s not an easy place to be. It is so easy to complain about circumstances, to long for the comfort of what we’re used to. And for all the transition and unsettled-ness build up into an emotional breakdown. This household has had it’s fair share of meltdowns and complaints. I’m learning to turn back to this verse in those moments, “Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) 

But more importantly: “The Land Between is fertile ground for God’s provision, God’s discipline, and transformational growth.” The Israelites time in the wilderness was intended to transform them from people of slavery to people of God. From living as an orphan to living as sons and daughters of the King.

We’re here. We’re in God’s will, going where He has called us. But we’re not there yet. The Land Between. We’re in this land now, figuring out what it looks like to be a family in a foreign country. We’re trusting God’s provision; knowing that he has provided, is providing, and will provide. We’re keeping our eyes open to what God is teaching us and how he is transforming us. We’re learning how much we actually need Jesus and his grace upon grace…upon grace and more grace.



It’s crazy. It’s fun. It’s overwhelming at times. But it is SO GOOD. Equipped with ears to hear God and eyes to see the Kingdom, He is MOVING all around us. It’s epic. I am stoked to continue sharing this journey with you all!

“May God bless you in the land between. May he restore your laughter and your joy. May you come to him with open hands to release what you’ve been carrying for way too long. And may you keep your hands open to receive any good thing that he would give. May you find your God faithful and loving and good. May this be a greenhouse for your growth. May you find God faithful and good in the land between. Amen.”

PS: I’m about $750 away from my goal of $4,000! I would love if you could pray with me in that! If you or someone you know would like to donate, go to my page titled, “donate”!!

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