2015. Dream Big. Pray Radically.

Lists seem to be trendy nowadays. So heres a quick list of:

6 HAPPENINGS (and some prayer requests) TO CATCH YOU UP ON ASHLEY’S LIFE.

1. I went home to Michigan for a few weeks for Christmas break! And it was so cold! 35-40 degrees! (Don’t judge me, Michiganders. As my grandma told me, “Your blood hasn’t thickened, it’s okay that you’re cold!). Although the cold did hurt my pinky, I loved dressing in layers and sleeping with multiple blankets! But I will admit, I’m weak. The tropical Costa Rica weather has won me over. It was so great to hang out with my family, have coffee with friends, and rest up next to a cozy fire at Bill and Sue Reese’s “cabin”! I loved being able to hug my people in real life and run around with my niece and nephews. I am extremely grateful for the amazing and loving people I have in my life! I loved seeing each of your faces not over Facetime 🙂


10805580_10152691703838411_7012367433392904463_n 1503548_10205751574334301_4465605639747630467_n 10423895_10205751576854364_7151323143047937730_n 10882199_10205751574934316_3415157528255356188_n 10873515_10203827013341374_5473653280136597537_o

2. I spent a week at the beach with the Latimer crew! The Latimer family came to Costa Rica the day after I left Costa Rica. So I returned to CR a little earlier than needed to spend some time with them. Every day was an adventure! We ate chicken on a stick at the rodeo 3 nights in a row. We rode some sketchy carnival rides. We went to multiple beaches. I surfed again! The power went out at the house in the middle of the jungle. I was asked multiple times by Mav, Tuck and Sawyer, “So, Ashley Look. Tell me about your life. Are you married yet? Do you have a boyfriend? Why not? When are you gonna get married?” Such good brothers, always checking in on me.

IMG_4120 FullSizeRender-1 IMG_4059 IMG_4177

3. I turned 23! My Michael Jordan year. I was with the Latimer crew. We went to Tamarindo Church, where I got to meet some of the awesome community there. We had dinner at Mar Vista, a restaurant overlooking the ocean, with a killer sunset. I had a delicious burger and we watched the Lions lose. So far this 23rd year has been fantastic. I am so much wiser than I was on January 3rd.


10955784_10152794383052917_7620886229501836105_n 10959384_10152794382872917_3815460269122010123_n

4. Wyld Life club has started up! YES! I am looking forward to this semester of Wyld Life. Our first club was “Nerd vs. Swag” club. We had about 20 kids come. It was one of our girl’s birthday, so she brought her entire party to WyLd LiFe. There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday. At then end of club, we had kids write down on a piece of paper some questions or thoughts they have about God or life or anything really. My friend Grace summed it all up in this video:

It was a sweet reminder of why I am here, and what an honor it is to play the role I do. We’re called to love one another, and to make disciples. Guys, I’m telling you. It is the BIGGEST blessing to be able to show up into these kids’ lives, to hear their hearts, and to simply be a friend and leader to them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.


5. Grace and I are helping “coach” soccer at lighthouse. This isn’t my first time coaching a sport I’ve never played (shout out to my 8th grade basketball cheer team!). I put coach in quotations because you can’t coach if you don’t know. So at practice, the head coach has us participate as players. Every practice, I am a middle school soccer player. And every game, I am a cheerleader/encourager on the sideline. I’ve read Soccer for Dummies a few times, and I’m still not an expert. So if you guys have any helpful advice, please share. 🙂

Gringo vs. Tico soccer game on the beach!
Gringo vs. Tico soccer game on the beach!

6. We did Work Crew at Vida Joven camp! It was very cool to see how camp is run in Costa Rica, compared to the Young Life camp I am used to in The States. We may not have everything a YL camp in the USA has, but we have all we need. Some cabins, some adults who care and love, some kids who need care and love, and the Gospel. My favorite part of camp was “Pleito de Pelo.” For the first time in a long time, I felt like a camper at YL camp. I had no idea what was going on, or what was going to happen next. All I could do was trust my leader and do what she said. That nervous feeling, that loss of control…scary but of course it was epic! I needed a reminder of what it feels like to COMPLETELY surrender to God and his will. You can never see the next step, but you have to trust that it will be abundant and live giving.

10930756_956004163527_5666545036465495629_o 10865870_956005266317_421347315256389584_o 10406893_10153593969899816_4744643338480949964_n

Prayer Requests:

  • Our relationships with middle school friends at Country Day and Lighthouse International Schools.
  • My continuous craving to KNOW God’s Word.
  • Our International Schools team of Young Life and Wyld Life leaders
  • My fundraising…about $2,000 to go and I will be FULLY FUNDED!
  • Boldness in proclaiming the Gospel with everyone we interact with.


So there it is. It’s 2015. I’m a year older. And we are in our second semester of Wyld Life and Young Life. This year I want to learn how to dream big dreams and pray radical prayers. Could you imagine the world we lived in if we all knew how to do that? On top of that, knowing and trusting the God of the Universe will even go above and beyond anything we could imagine?! So join me in that.

I know I say this every time. But I seriously love you people. I wouldn’t be here without your prayers and support. I appreciate you. Thanks for loving me, supporting me, and believing in the work God is doing in me and more importantly through me.

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